Thank you so much Lisa for the best no nonsense read Ive had in a long time … a must read for anyone who wants to go into business as a bookkeeper … with their eyes wide open ! – Better to think the problems, than have the problems … Lisa’s book will help you do just that ”  Jon, Brighton, UK – March 2015


I’ve just set up my Ltd company and I can honestly say that after 18 months of faffing your book gave me the confidence to do it. I downloaded it on Audible and now that I have listened to the complete book, I just put it on in the background sometimes now whilst I work. It’s like having a mentor looking over my shoulder whilst I work. I am totally sincere when I say that that book has changed my whole outlook on my working life. It gave me all the answers and advice that I had been searching for and no longer did I feel unprepared or lacking in confidence for what I wanted to embark on. I am so ready now!!” Kate, UK – May 2015


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